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The Chicken Manure Dryer Make the Chicken Manure Into Treasure

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With the fast development of the intensive livestock farming in the suburbs of big and medium sized cities, the environment pollution of the poultry dung becomes more and more serious.Zhengzhou Fote Chicken manure dryer is the most professional manufacturer in Zhengzhou, with decades of experience in production.

Plese go to our website home page for more detailed information if you are interested in our products.Then the flue gas and water vapour contact the watefall. The odour of the flue gas is got rod of, and then the flue gas goes into the atmosphere through the top of the deodorization tower. The dirty water falls down, and goes into the settling pool.Our cow dung dryer as a corollary equipment of organic compound fertilizer production line, can make fine particles. Meanwhile it can be used not only as culture medium, planting edible fungus agaricus bisporus, but also can be used as breeding the feed of turtle, fish, snails, chicken, duck, and others.A high degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.Structure was simple and excellent.Materials running smoothly through the cylinder's resistance, the operating is convenient.Low malfunction, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.Wide scope of application, good uniformity of drying products.After settling, the clean water goes into the clean water pool beside, and the water pump sends the clean water into the deodorization tower again.

Thus, the water is recycled. However, the poultry dung, is the precious resource of feed and fertilizer, if it can be developed and utilized, it will be very significant to the development of the poultry farming and crop cultivation as well as saving grains and increasing production and income. Therefore, considering the market condition our company develops the fast drying equipment of poultry dung.

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Chicken manure...


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