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Can Chicken Manure Dryer Dry Material Moisture Content 60%?

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With the development of the farm, livestock manure pollution on the environment more and more serious. However, manure is a valuable feed and fertilizer resources, utilization of which has great significance to animal breeding and crop farming.Therefore,our company develop the drying equipment to dry chicken manure, dairy manure,etc. So is the poultry manure dryer machine and chicken manure dryer maChine. But Can Chicken Manure Dryer machine Dry Material eith Moisture Content around 60%?

Dried Chicken Manure is common among farmers. It's high in nitrogen whcih is great for vegging plants not flowering, but it can easily burn plants unless composted first. A small amount of dried chicken manure can be mixed in small concentrations directly into soil. Dried Chicken manurein Chicken Manure Dryer machine is also a common ingredient in some mushroom compost recipes. Wet chicken manure are sent into hopper of rotary chicken manure dryer by screw conveyor, then the wet chicken manure enter the drum installed with slope to horizontal line from the higher side, and hot air enters the drum from the lower side.

The Chicken Manure Dryer machine is suitable for large, middle andsmall scale chicken farm and quite developed livestock breeding area, which is one of the extension programs of China Spark Plan,and recommended products of Chinese environmental administration. Chicken Manure Dryer machine can be used to dry the material with a moisture contentaround 60% to a final moisture content below 13%,. If the moisture is more than 60%, say if it is 60-85%, it should be firstlyhandled by a special dewatering machine to reduce the moisture to around 45%, then be dried in the dryer to 13% of moisture.

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