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How to Correctly Control the Moisture of Raw Materials for Rotary Drum Dryer Machine

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Rotary drum dryer equipment can be used in many fields. And how to control the moisture of raw material is an issue, so we analysis the methods to control the moisture of rotary drum dryer machine. Here we share the mehods to customers:
The methods as following:
Drum dryer places restrictions on drying water. If before drying raw material moisture is in 80-90%, then after drying the moisture is about 20--30%, if before drying raw material moisture content is around 40%, then after drying the water content is about 10%. Some customers think that no matter how much moisture is, drum drying machine can dry the raw material 100%, this thought is wrong, different water content, drying effect is not the same, but if you want to get optimal drying of raw material with water,the material can be dried for two times.
Drum dryer is limited for raw materials. The raw materials can be: alfalfa, alcohol lees, straw, sawdust, wood shavings, marigold, Ginkgo biloba, Chinese herbal medicine, beer lees, distiller's grains, potato starch, cassava dregs, malt, seeds, bagasse, hawthorn, rapeseed, vegetables etc..
When using the drum dryer, both for the raw materials or water is through professional testing to draw the conclusion, and it is not what we imagined, the above can be   reference.
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