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Vipeak Cone Mill - the Best Equipment for Grinding Cement Raw Material

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    Currently , most of the domestic mill equipment controlled milling system operating personnel are done by manual operation , long in manual control mode , often lead to full grinding mill equipment , seal take flour, over-temperature or low outlet temperature and many other accidents, serious impact on the security of the milling system , stable operation of environmental protection , in addition, mill equipment pulverizing system in the manual mode of operation , often running on coal level is low, the amount is too large ventilation conditions, long-term consumption milling high, and other symptoms , then how to optimize the system mill equipment technology?
 The first is the raw material drying air swept mill technology to transform the raw mill closed in the raw water into the mill can still reach as high as 3.5% higher yield , a ф2.2 * 7m transformation of raw mill lowest few thousand dollars to transform the time the mill is generally not more than 24 hours , the same conditions can increase the capacity to step down about 20 to 80 %.
Mobile crusher,Mobile crushing plant:http://www.mill-crushers.com/Mobile_Crusher/  

    Followed by the transformation of technology is the application of the principles of solid volume and laminating crushing theory and according to the nature of the material , the particle size of the jaw crusher to optimize the design . The new jaw from the material into the crushing chamber continuous extrusion on the subject , and in the lower part of the crushing chamber being parallel to squeeze a certain distance. Because the material is squeezed in the crushing cavity times the normal number of crushers, so crushing efficiency has been greatly improved , the average particle size is only 5 ~ 10mm, and about 30% of the powder . Application of the transformation crushing mill equipment only need to invest jaw reconstruction costs , the transformation time as long as 3 to 4 hours,...


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