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A Co-Relational Study on Relationship Between Ambiguity Tolerance and Listening Comprehension Among Iranian Female Students with Intermediate Level of Language Proficiency

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A Co-Relational Study on Relationship between Ambiguity Tolerance and Listening Comprehension among Iranian Female Students with Intermediate Level of language Proficiency
Mahrad Amini(MA)
Email: Mahrad.x2000@gmail.com

The aim of this study was to examine the role of ambiguity tolerance in listening comprehension of intermediate level of language proficiency EFL learners. To this end, upon filling in the revised SLATS of ambiguity tolerance twenty EFL students from Sheikh-Baha'i university of Baharestan were assigned to three ambiguity tolerance groups; namely High, Moderate and Low. Moreover The listening quizzes Of Interchange Teachers book has been used to investigate the students’ listening comprehension. The results of the study shows that there is a relation among ambiguity tolerance and listening comprehension.
Keywords: Ambiguity tolerance (AT), EFL context ,

1.Introduction and background of the study
Ambiguity tolerance is a variable   major of individual characteristics of human mind which can be   defined as the perception of inadequate information in order to clearly understand an information. This process incorporates a range of individual’s reactions extending along a continuum from total agreement to total disagreement (McClain, 1993). In the case of Ambiguity Tolerance, We can say that it is a reflection of people’s   personality and it would affect many aspects of their life, learning and proficiency so Ambiguity Tolerance is considered a vital element in various aspects of language performance of learners and their beliefs about it. (Ashouri & Fotovatnia, 2010).
Studies in the field of Ambiguity Tolerance have commonly focused on general language acquisition and most of them concern second language context (Brown, 2006)   but recently there has been more interest on relationship of the Ambiguity Tolerance with specific skills and activities and to be more precise, there have been few effort made to over-watch   the role of...


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