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The Effect of L1 in Elt

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In the name of God
                      Title: observation in bilingual classroom
Bilingualism became a crucial matter and is a very essential subject for research these days. The purpose of this article is to report how much L1 is used by the teacher in classroom? In what cases they use it? and why? I will start my discussion by presenting an introduction, this will followed by the methodology in which I mentioned the characteristics of participant, materials, and class procedures after four successive observations. I will then end the article with conclusion.
Teaching a language in EFL context may lead non-native teachers to use L1 in L2 classes. It can help them to have more effective teaching in a short period of time. (Claiming the centrality). Despite its benefits, some teachers are unwilling to speak L1 in L2 classes because they believe that in EFL context where is the only place to speak L2 teachers shouldn’t use L1. They also argue that in L2 class there should be as much comprehensible input as possible. (Establish a niche). In this article I report my observation and analyze the class procedure to find out for what purposes teachers use L1 in L2 classes.
Participants and materials:
After gaining access from administer of the institute and teacher who is my colleague, I attended in the class in order to have observation for four sessions. The book that is taught in this class is passages. The level of proficiency of these students is upper intermediate. There are seven boys in this class aged 17-25. A teacher is a 27-year-old single woman who has got her BA in English literature and now she is studying TEFL for her AM. I had a really good relationships with this teacher and I had no problem in attending in her class because I had observe this class for about 8 to 10 session each semester( since they've being studied interchange3 I observed their class for many purposes.) Although they...


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