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The Effect of Temperature on Air Pressure

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        My project consists of a series experiments to determine the effect of air pressure in a   given environment at various temperatures. The experiments I chose to conduct are:

1) Heat an ordinary pop can on a hot plate and then putting the can upside down in cold water to see the effect of a fast change in temperature.

2) Partially full milk jug with hot water, put the cap on tightly, and let it sit for one hour to see the effect of a slow change in temperature.

3) Setting a small piece of paper on fire and then putting it inside a plastic bottle. Before the flame goes out, a pealed hard-boiled egg will be placed over the opening.



The problem is to determine the effects of air pressure at different temperatures. Since we cannot see air, we will attempt to determine if air exerts a force?


My hypothesis for:

1) the experiment with the pop can is that the can will crush because of a drastic change in temperature.

2) the experiment with the milk jug and the hot water is that the milk jug will remain the same.

3) the experiment with the egg and the bottle is that the egg will not be sucked in the bottle.                                                                        


For the first experiment the procedure is:

1) Heat an ordinary pop can on a hot plate.

2) After about fifteen minutes take the can off the hot plate and put it upside-down in a pan of cold water.

3) Record my observations on a piece of paper.

4) Write my conclusions in my science fair logbook.

For the second experiment my procedure is:

1)   Get an empty gallon milk jug at room temperature.

        2)   Heat to water to...


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