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How Narcissism Destroy

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How narcissism destroys

10 Desember, 2001, Oppdatert 10.02.2014

The development of the relation between the child and the parent is extremely important. This relationship is what forms the child’s personality. In order for this development be successful for the child, some important criteria must be met. Lets look at 10 of these traits.

Aggressive impulses from the infant child, must be   neutralized by the adult, so that they don’t upset the child. The adult must be able to be a “container” for the child’s frustration and needs. At this stage the child’s communication can be described as projective identification! The child try to make the adult act in a preferable way.

The child project   its own frustration over   in the adult, and identifies with this frustration in the adults   processed expression of these traits. If the outcome of this processing is,   in a form the child can not handle, then the adult has failed   its role as container for the child’s aggression and frustration.

An example would be   fear   projected in an adult, the adult reaction to this projected fear decides the child’s developmental brain structure. If the adult’s reaction to the projected fear is comfort, the child develop security in the relation with the adult and others.

If the adult’s reaction is insecurity and frustration, then that’s what the child will experience.   That’s what is mirrored back at the child. That’s what the child’s brain be exposed to and formed to handle.

If this response pattern repeats itself over time, then that’s what the child’s brain will be built on, for the future.   Where the focus go, energy flow!

In a healthy development the adult is able to absorb the child’s frustration. It does not represent a treat to the adult. Empathy absorbs any treat to the adults self esteem from the child. And the adult is able to   reflect a age appropriate dose of frustration back at the child.

In an unhealthy development, the adult , with its...


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