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Indian Army

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Corps of Army Air Defence

Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)

2nd International Seminar on

Army Air Defence in the st 21 Century
20 February 2013 Kothari Auditorium, DRDO Bhavan, New Delhi

2nd International Seminar on

Army Air Defence in the 21st Century
he Corps of Army Air Defence is one of the youngest arms of the Indian Army, which has proved its mettle in the wars fought by the Country. The Corps plays a vital role in the destruction / degradation of the enemy air thereby ensuring defence of vital assets and thus contributes to successful national war waging efforts. The lethality and the severity of the air threat today has increased manifold. This threat perspective has moved beyond its erstwhile scalar dimension of manned aircraft as the main 'threat vehicle' including attack helicopters with new players like UAVs, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, precision guided munitions and more, have added new perspective to the aerial offensive capability. This coupled with contemporary and enabling technologies like stealth, soft kill and electronic warfare have revamped the aerial punch into a potent and a viable weapon. Putting up an effective counter to the above threat, not only calls for a family of Ground and Air Based Weapon Systems of matching technologies, but also, demands a continuous cycle of their upgradation and



replacement with concurrent technologies necessary to match the pace of developments in avionics and airborne weapon systems. The modernization road map envisages a vibrant Air Defence force which will be equipped with a range guns and missile systems capable of meeting the challenges posed by the emerging air threat over the next few decades. These weapon systems would be networked on an automated Control and Reporting (C&R) system integrated to the C&R systems of Indian Air Force. Major milestones have already been achieved by the Indian DRDO and international arms industry in the field of modernization of Ground Based Air...


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