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Literary Analysis

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Alejandro Cazares
Professor Marshall
English 114
October 24, 2014
Literary Analysis
Mr. Graff argues that schools stress " standards " more than personal growth. He describes a personal anecdote to support his claim, all while pointing out that schools have not taken initiative in influencing a variety of interests. Graff says that schools should adapt with times and strive for academic success based on personally developing interests. From his point of view, I can see why he is conflicted by this issue. As I painted what he said, I saw a huge relation in experiences.
As he shares his personal experience he illustrated key aspects of his past, to support that schools fail to appropriately uproot every student's full potential. Schools should not only adapt a new approach, but focus on personal development. Additionally, schools do not adequately tend to individual progress, or interest. Mr. Graff's suggestion, or insinuation, may be that many institutions current efforts do not suffice for many. I can personally relate to his experience, the caliber of similarity is rather significant. Meaning that throughout a couple decades, little to no change to educational institution's system has been made.
Secondly, a large number of students have been done an injustice, for their lack of enforcing your interests. As students do not fully grasp the intent of an article/assignment, it is obvious why results harshly vary. If students are not enthusiastic, the assignment becomes a annoying chore, rather a learning one. This drives students to a corner and she or he begin to doubt themselves. In order to achieve wanted results, student's interest should be enthusiastically appealed. This change is significant for absolute progression, further heightening academic success. Hopefully, I begin to see this change, as to further us as a collective unit.
Again, Graff stresses that students future determined by pointless, assignments does not seem a preferable route of...


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