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Poverty and the Access to Health Services in Morristown New Jersey

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Poverty and the Access to Health Services in Morristown New Jersey
Robert Loperfido
Felician College

Professor Sara Thompson, DNP, RN, APN-C

Poverty and the Access to Health Services in Morristown New Jersey
Having access to quality health care services is important for the success of health equality and for escalating the quality of a healthy life for everyone.   For health services to be successful there needs to be timely access to health services to achieve the best health outcomes.   It requires three separate steps; gaining entry into the health care system, accessing a health care location where needed services are provided, and finding a health care provider with whom the patient can communicate and trust (Healthy People 2020, 2014).
Access to health care impacts overall mental, social, and physical health status and when people have access to quality health care there is prevention of disease, increased quality of life, preventable death and higher life expectancy.   There are many disparities that affect individuals in access to health services.   Inadequate access to health care impacts people‚Äôs ability to reach their full potential.   Barriers to accessing quality healthcare include: lack of availability, high cost and lack of insurance coverage.   These barriers lead to unmet health needs, delays in care, inability to get preventive services, and preventable hospitalizations.
When understanding access to health services, there are four components: coverage, services, timeliness, and work force.   Health insurance coverage helps patients get into the health care system.   Uninsured people do not receive medical care, have poor health status and die younger.   When there are available services and an ongoing source of care, people end up with better outcomes and fewer disparities.   Having a primary care provider is especially important when developing meaningful relationships.   Patients have greater trust, better communication and the likelihood to...


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