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Industrial Oil Boiler Super Heat Pipe Rupture

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Industrial oil boiler super heat pipe rupture

The problem of industrial oil boiler super heat pipe rupture often appear in the use process,it is also encountered in after-sales service of ZG frequently,here is some causes analysis about that from ZG for your reference.

The water level of industrial oil boiler is on the high side for a long time

Because some fireman most worry about the water shortage accidents,they like to control the water level in the high position,that easily produces priming,also narrows the steam space height,the steam with water easily enters the superheater tube system.At the same time,after evaporating,the furnace water contains the higher salt magnitude alkalinity,it will be brought in the superheater system,causing the salt accumulation inside the superheater tubes,reducing the heat transfer effect of tube.

Due to the less demanding of steam working pressure,superheater outlet steam pressure controls

Because the steam thermal characteristics parameters change under low pressure is bigger,according to the thermodynamic properties,the steam characteristics changes leads to the steam flow speed increase,it increases the load of steam separator in boiler,the steam with water enters the superheater,causing the salt deposit inside the superheater tube,at the same time,increasing the steam flow rate deviation and the thermal deviation of the tube.

Improper water treatment work

Industrial boiler water treatment is likely to cause higher hardness and chloride,if the desalination measures are not taken,after the boiler water concentration,the salinity increases,when the separation effect of steam and water is poor,the salt enters the superheater with steam,forming the salt deposit,at the same time,after the evaporation and concentration in the boiler,the boiler water alkalinity increases sharply,under the high temperature,the superheater easily causes the alkali corrosion.

ZG,as a professional industrial oil...


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