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How Does China Juxin Jaw Hammer Coal Crusher Crush Ore Materials with High Efficiency--China Juxin Crusher

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How does China Juxin JAW HAMMER COAL CRUSHER crush ore materials with high efficiency In China Juxin Machinery, we have various of jaw hammer coal crusher, but they have the same working principle: China Juxin jaw crusher crush ore materials by the movable jaw plate with cyclical movement. Moving jaw hanging around spindle to the fixed jaw, is located in the material between the two jaw was crushed, such as splitting and bending combination. In the beginning, less pressure, between the material shrinkage of material close to each other, squeezed tight; When the pressure rose to more than the strength of the material can withstand, is broken. On the contrary, when the moving jaw away from fixed jaw to the opposite direction, the weight of material on the downward movement. Each of the moving jaw is subject material to a periodic motion, and to discharge the distance. After several cycles, has been broken material from the discharging mouth closed. As the motor turns continuously and the broken jaw type mobile jaw crushing and discharge material for periodic motion, to realize batch production.

“Comparison achieves the Chioce, and the appropriate STH is the best. ” --China Juxin crusher Machinery Every product has the special functional features which is different from other products. The different functions, features and specifications is the important factors which the purchaser pay more attention to know.

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