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The Hazards of Biomass Steam Boiler Slagging

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The hazards of biomass steam boiler slagging

The biomass steam boiler slagging is also called coking,it refers to the phenomenon that the ash bonds on the heating surface,furnace wall and grate and becomes more and more at high temperature,it will threaten the safety and economic operation of boiler,for the biomass steam boiler is more and more widely used in all all walks of life,the hazards of biomass steam boiler slagging will be introduced in the following sections for your reference:

Biomass steam boiler burner nozzle slagging

It will change the structure of the outlet airflow,so that the aerodynamic working conditions in the furnace is damaged,affecting the combustion process,while the slagging is serious and the nozzle is blocked,the steam boilers have to lower the load,or stop the furnace.

Biomass steam boiler heating surface slagging

When the biomass steam boiler heating surface slagging occurs,to maintain the normal operation,we must increase the air volume,if the ventilation capacity is limited,and the slagging easily leads to the partial blockage of flue gas channel,the flue gas resistance increases,the fan air volume is difficult to increase,the boiler have to lower the load to operation.

Biomass steam boiler water wall slagging

It will cause the uneven heating of part of steam boiler,bringing the adverse effect on controlling the   thermal deviation of flowing water wall and the safety of water cycle,which may cause the water wall tube damage.

In addition,we also need to pay attention to the slagging of furnace and the cold ash hopper,pleasure feel free to contact us for more details!



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