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A Beautiful Dream

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I enjoy all my dreams, I can not remember ever having a nightmare. I haven't been keeping track of my dreams very long, but all of my favorites seem to have an incredibly warm atmosphere and mellow mood. Most involve romance is some way. Mine started out   as I walked towards the end of my garden, the back wall disappeared and I was walking through a very vast field where the grass grew tall, up to my knees in some areas. The sky was grey and the air was cool and refreshing and it carried the scent of fresh rain. After a while, the field became dotted with willow trees. Each tree was about 20 feet apart from the rest. Suddenly euphoric, I began to run as fast as I could. It was exhilarating and as I ran, I spread my arms, flapped them like wings and I took off and flew. I had the feeling I was following something, something wonderful. I felt so at peace. I finally found out what I was following. Flying at about 10 yards ahead of me was this magnificent golden wyvern with tawny spots on the edge of its wings. It was headed to what was the biggest willow tree I had ever seen.   I mean this tree was the mother of all willow trees. The sight was glorious, with its branches swaying gracefully in the wind. I looked to my left and found that my arms had turned to tawny wings with golden spots on the edges. I too was a wyvern. Happier than I had ever been in waking life, I followed the golden wyvern round and round until we reached the top. It was only once I reached the top, when the sun appeared and briefly illuminated the golden wyvern and I woke up.


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