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We Should Not Expect People to Be Polite to Each Other

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the busy and crowded world today, we should not expect people to be polite to each other.

Nowadays, the tempo of modern life is increasingly quick. The controversial problem about how the rush changes the attitudes among people is in the spotlight. As far as I am concerned, although the society becomes busier today, we should still be patient to each other. I will use following details to substantiate my point of view.

First of all, the respects between citizens cannot be changed in any condition. Human being should not ignore traditional virtues and ought to follow those moral rules all the time. There are enormous advertisements on public places, which emphasize the importance of being a virtuous person, always remind people. As a Chinese, we learned Chinese traditional virtues since we were babies and we must keep our ancestors’ advices in our hearts. For example, caring about the old and children no matter how busy one is. Therefore, no matter how fast the lives are, we should not give up to be gentle persons.  

In addition, if everyone were not courteous to others, it would have negative effect on social harmony. The behavior that citizens are being rude, would keep community from developing because there is not any cooperation among people. In my personal case that we did group project in Mathematics class, I realized being patient is significant factor of teamwork. In the final period, all of us were beset of tremendous school works so we sometimes were impolite to each other. Unfortunately, because of this kind of bad condition, we were all work unhappily and inefficiently. Hence, it is not exaggerating to say that colleagues have the responsibility to consider about others and show respects to each other.  

Some people may doubt that being patient and showing respect to others are wasteful of time and workers today are too busy to do so. On the contrary, I think politeness virtually enables us...


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