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To protect any system authentication must be provided, so that only authorised persons can have the right to use or handle that system and data related to that system securely. There are many authentication algorithms are provided some are effective and secure but have some drawbacks. Textual passwords are commonly used; however, users do not follow their requirements. Users tend to choose meaningful words from dictionary or their pet names. Ten years back Klein performed such tests and he could crack 10-15 passwords per day. So, they create short, simple, and insecure passwords that are susceptible to attack. Which make textual passwords easy to break and vulnerable to dictionary or brute force attacks. Graphical passwords schemes have been proposed. Most graphical passwords are vulnerable for shoulder surfing attacks. Token based systems are vulnerable to loss or theft. Biometric scanning is your "natural" signature and Cards or Tokens prove your validity. But some people hate the fact to carry around their cards, some refuse to undergo strong IR exposure to their retinas. So, 3D password is introduced. The 3-D password is a multifactor authentication scheme. It can combine all existing authentication schemes into a single 3-D virtual environment. 3D Password scheme is a new authentication scheme that combine RECOGNITION + RECALL+TOKENS+BIOMETRIC in one authentication system.

KEY WORDS: multifactor authentication, virtual environment, user’s interaction.


    Normally the authentication scheme the user undergoes is particularly very lenient or very strict. Throughout the years authentication has been a very interesting approach. With all the means of technology developing, it can be very easy for 'others' to fabricate or to steal identity or to hack someone’s password. Therefore many algorithms have come up each with an interesting approach toward calculation of a secret key. The algorithms are such based to pick a random number...


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