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3d Password

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The satisfaction that accompanies the completion of any task would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible whose constant guidance and encouragement helped me in successfully completing the Technical Seminar.
It is my pleasure to thank my beloved guide Mrs. Sindhushri K., Sr.lecturer in Computer Science and Engineering Dept., for her guidance, encouragement valuable suggestion from the beginning of the Technical Seminar till the completion without which this seminar would not have been accomplished. I am greatly indebted to her.
I am grateful to our Principal Dr. M.Jayaprasad, Phd, RGIT, for providing a congenial environment for me to work.
I would like to thank Prof.BijayKumarJyotishi, HOD, Dept of CSE, RGIT, for his constant encouragement, moral support and for being a source of enthusiasm and inspiration.
Lastly I would like to thank my friends and family who have helped me in all possible ways throughout.

Suvendu Dey

Textual passwords are commonly used; however, users do not follow their requirements. Users tend to choose meaningful words from dictionary or their pet names, girlfriends etc. Ten years back Klein performed such tests and he could crack 10-15 passwords per day. On the other hand, if a password is hard to guess, then it is often hard to remember. Users have difficulty remembering a password that is long and random appearing. So, they create short, simple, and insecure passwords that are susceptible to attack. Which make textual passwords easy to break and vulnerable to dictionary or brute force attacks. Graphical passwords schemes have been proposed. The strength of graphical passwords comes from the fact that users can recall and recognize pictures more than words. Most graphical passwords are vulnerable for shoulder surfing attacks, where an attacker can observe or record the legitimate user’s graphical password by camera. Token based systems such as ATMs are widely...


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