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Kosun Hi-G Dryer Can Achieve Minimizing the Fluids Waste Volume and Recover Mud from Cuttings

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Hi-G dryer http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/hi-g-dryer.html is popular used for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. After Hi-G dryer, high speed centrifuge will be followed for further treating. After treated by centrifuge, solids parts can be used for construction; liquid part can be further treatment by flocculent unit. Hi-G dryer is also can be used for oil based mud drilling cuttings treatment; vice versa, vertical cuttings dryer can also be used for water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. Based on this, KOSUN design it’s vertical centrifuge which can be used for both WBM and OBM drilling cuttings treatment.

Hi-G Dryer can Make Waste Minimization
1.Wet cuttings from Shakers & Hydro-cyclones falls on conveyor;
2.Conveyor cuttings to Hi-G Dryer;
3.Dried cuttings collected in cuttings box   & recovered mud back to system.

Benefits of Hi-G Dryer
1. Reduce the volume of Solid cuttings that will require further treatment & reduce their treatment cost $;
2. Reduces the amount of cutting boxes needed on location & their rental cost $;
3. Reduces the volume of wet waste by returning recovered mud from wet cuttings to the mud system. (But first it should pass over the centrifuge to remove ultra fine solids (less than 5 microns).

Drying with High G Dryer:
Other second Drying Equipment for both Water & Oil base mud is the High G Dryer System:
1.Recovers up to 80% of cuttings, which could be solidified & safely used or disposed off.
2.Achieves 8 to 10 % Oil on Cutting (OCC %).

KOSUN is a professional oilfield drilling mud Hi-G Dryer supplier http://www.kosun.us/drilling-waste-management/hi-g-dryer.html and manufacturer in China oil drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management industry. As a pioneer in this industry, KOSUN is capable of providing customers with series products, such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security...


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