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Kosun Manufacture Cuttings Dryer as Part of a Total System

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KOSUN Manufacture Cuttings Dryer as part of a total system. properly engineered and operated system consists of four main elements: Delivery system to move cuttings to the Cuttings Dryer .“Dry” solids discharge / collection system.Decanter Centrifuge to polish the vertical centrifuge effluent .Each piece is crucial to proper operation and must be engineered accordingly. Size, shape, volume and moisture content of drilled solids can vary greatly. Installing a proper delivery system to deal withthe range and volume of material is critical. Normally delivery systems including: A variety of screw conveyors and chutes ,Vacuum transfer systems ,Positive pressure transfer systems.

The Vertical Cuttings Dryer processes drilled cuttings to below 5% wet weight oil. The Dryer has comfortably processed cuttings generated when drilling reached 150 feet per hour in 20-inch hole . A screw conveyor is usually installed beneath the VERTI-G cuttings dryer and collects the “dry” solids, which are sent overboard if regulations allow, or are collected for final disposal off-site. The VERTI-G cuttings dryereffluent is typically collected and pumped to a high-volume decanting centrifuge for further cleaning. The decanting centrifuge separates the slurry into fine solids and “cleaned” fluid, which is often sent back to the active drilling fluid system. A portion may be used as dilution for the Drying shaker. The solids from the centrifuge can be collected in the same vessel or conveyor as solids fromthe Dryer.

In today’s world, where the industry is evolving instantly, the need for better , lighter and easier to manage drilling mud solids control equipment is what all the customers is looking for.The vertical centrifuge is being designed mainly for the Oil Base Mud operations (OBM).In designing the vertical cuttings dryer for sale, the main objective were developing an equipment capable of improving the separation efficiency compared to the usual solid control equipment,and DWM...


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