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Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

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  The Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution is the largest protest in Hong Kong since 1989. This protest had drawn world media attention even overshadowed every international news. The major cause of this revolution is the mutual trust between Hongkongers and   Chinese government are going from bad to worse. Hongkongers has accumulated their discontent over years and it made the "White Paper" became the fuse of Umbrella Revolution. In fact, there are many reasons causing this protest happened, in a simple way can briefly distinguish   into social and political problems.
  In the sphere of social problem, Hongkongers do not satisfied after China ruling Hong Kong in the past 18 years. Price level is sharply increased. Whereas Hongkongers’ salary cannot follow the inflation, citizen are not able to afford their daily expense. Consequently the middle class or young professionals are essentially become a "Flat slave" - people using most of their salary to pay mortgage for their property and repayment period usually will last for over 30 years. In spite of Hongkongers have a high education level, they do not have a ideal future, through participating the Umbrella Revolution to let the government realize that this frustrating society must be changed.

  On the other hand there is the political problem. According to the "Joint Declaration", Hong Kong will keep exercising capitalism until 2047 under the "One country, two system" constitutional principle, as promised by the Chinese government in 1984. However, the Chinese government keep interrupting Hong Kong affairs, including the election of Hong Kong chief executive and legislative council. As a result, Hongkongers will not be allowed to vote their chief executive by universal suffrage. All the candidates will have to be nominated by the pro-Peking committee, in order to keep Hong Kong chief executive under the Chinese government order.
  Although the Umbrella Revolution has been disintegrated, its lead to good and bad...


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