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Bus 409 Wk 4 Quiz 3 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 409 WK 4 Quiz 3 - All Possible Questions
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1) Which of the following is based on the human capital theory?
A) seniority pay system
C) merit pay system

2) The collective bargaining system was established by passage of which federal Act?
A) National Labor Regulations Act
B) National Labor Relations Act
C) Union Labor Regulations Act
D) Union Labor Relations Act

3) This term is defined as added pay for employees who have reached the maximum of a pay grade and who are unlikely to move into higher grades.
A) longevity pay
B) merit pay
C) seniority-based pay
D) incentive pay

4) Which of the following is an advantage of seniority pay systems?
A) they reward exemplary performance
B) they encourage employees to continue to increase their skillsets
C) they help to promote product quality
D) they reward employees on an objective basis

5) In 2011, employees were expected to earn average merit increases of what percent?
A) 1.3%
B) 2.9%
C) 5.2%
D) 8.3%

6) Which pay system is most widely used in America today?
A) skill based pay
B) longevity pay
C) merit pay
D) seniority pay

7) Which two factors should compensation professionals consider before endorsing the use of merit pay systems?
A) supervisor's rating bias & stock price
B) job design & supervisor's rating bias
C) job analysis & stock price
D) commitment from top management & job design

8) This term refers to the minimum pay increase that employees view as a significant change in their compensation amount.
A) halo effect increase
B) minimal pay incident
C) just-meaningful pay increase
D) satisfactory compensation payment

9) If an employee is rated as outstanding on her leadership ability she was probably rated using which appraisal system?
A) trait system
B) goal-oriented system
C) comparison system
D) behavioral system...


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