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Cja 324 Uop Course Homework Aid (Ethics in Criminal Justice) Complete Class

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CJA 324 UOP Course Homework Aid (Ethics In Criminal Justice) Complete Class
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CJA 324 Week 1 Individual Assignment Personal Dilemma
Write 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you discuss a moral dilemma you have faced recently in your professional life. Address the following in your paper:

•     The nature of the dilemma
•     The alternative courses of action you contemplated
•     The decision you made
•     Your reasons for that decision
•     The outcome of the situation
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Post to the Assignment Section.
DQ 1 - Should police officers be required to secure a certain number of hours of ethics training each year? Explain why or why not. If such training is needed, what components should it include? What about lawyers, judges, and correctional officers?

DQ 2- If you had to choose one ethical system, deontological or utilitarian, which one most closely conforms to your own beliefs? Explain your answer.
CJA 324 Week 2 Individual Ethical Worksheet Law Enforcement
Resources: Excel Ethical Worksheet
Complete the blank Excel Ethical Worksheet using Ethical Issue One: Law Enforcement. The blank Ethical Worksheet is located where it says Review and familiarize yourself with the Ethical Worksheet in Week One under the Materials tab. The Ethical Issue is located in Week Two under the Materials tab.
Post to the Assignment Section.

DQ 1 -If a young boy, upset over a lost bicycle, approaches two police officers during their dinner, what is the ethical thing to do? Should they immediately interrupt their dinner and search for the missing bicycle? Should they take a report to make the boy feel better, knowing they will not or cannot do anything about it? Should they tell the boy to go away because they have had a hard night and are looking forward to a hot meal? Does it make a difference if police officers...


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