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Ethics in Psychology

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Using the “Principles” from the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct applicable from 31 March 2006, complete the worksheet.

Although this may seem to be a simple and straightforward task it is vital that an awareness of “ethics” is developed in all people who may carry out a psychological investigation.

The clearest method of ensuring that due attention has been paid to ethical issues is to complete the worksheet individually, sign it, submit it and retain a copy in your folder. This clarifies the position for all, students and staff, and evidences the weight that ethics is given as part of the course.

Your project will not be allowed to proceed until all group members have completed this worksheet.


  What should we call people who take part in our studies?   Client(s) are individuals a researcher interacts with.

  Why is this term preferable to the older term?

  List the Key Headings in the “Principles” Respect, Competence, Responsibility, Integrity,

  What is the definition of undue Risk? Undue risk is a risk of likely significant harm caused

  What is the Key principle in managing Risk? Ask participants about individual issues that might lead to risk of harm, and inform the participants of any action they should take to minimize these risks

  Do the “Principles” apply to students at School and College as well as University? The principles are universal so they apply to everyone who runs the risk of breeching the ethical guidelines.


        Outline the potential problem of the researcher being an authority figure. The participant may feel threatened and this may conflict with respecting their dignity and worth.

        Using bullet points list the key features relating to informing the Participants of the object of the research. Clear summary of procedures, including measures for obtaining access, consent, debriefing, feedback, and maintaining...


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