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Individual Personal Dilemma

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Individual Personal Dilemma

CJA/324 Version 2 Ethics in Criminal Justice
Monday (March 14, 2011)

Individual Personal Dilemma
There are many moral dilemmas in day to day life that people would love to dispose of. Moral dilemma is a problem that occurs, and when that problem comes you have to make choices that you don’t want to or thought you would never have to, to get out of the problem. When or if a moral dilemma comes along, a person should try to stay strong about the situation at hand and know that everything will be ok. Once him or her becomes stress and turns negative to the dilemma that could cause health problems to him or her. Once the health problems occur, it could be hard to heal away from them. Stress is like a drug once it’s there, it doesn’t want to go away it stay around until it runs him or her down to the ground.
The nature of my dilemma is financial stability. Last year was far most the worst year of my life. What I mean by that is that my financial stability was so low, that I could barely take care of myself. I haven’t always had problems with financial stability; as a college student I’ve learned how to better manage my money. However, what really came to trigger my money problems is when I decided to get married at the early age of twenty – one. Shortly after I got married, I guess we both seen that we made a mistake, so after a year of marriage I filed for divorce. Filling for the divorce, I added on top of bills that I was already paying which left me with very little money for essential things, such as food, gas, and toiletries. Before I added those bills, I would first pay my monthly car note so I can get back and forth to where I need to go. Then I would pay rent for the house that I was living in. After that, I would pay my cell phone bill so I could have a way to get in touch with friends and family and last, I would pay for my car insurance and credit card bill. Then I added to those; one of those I added on is the legal...


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