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Population Assignment
Part one:
a) What is population density? Population density is the measurement of how dense a particular place and their population is. It is more people per square metre. For example, a dense city is Bangladesh; this is because it has a population of 32,410 in only 1.96 square kilometres.
b) Explain the difference between high population and dense population? A dense population is a high population living in a larger area and a dense population is more people living in a smaller area, there are more people per square kilometre, where as a dense population is packed into a smaller area.
c) Discuss some of the problems that can occur in overcrowded cities? Some of the many things that can occur in overcrowded cities are things like, traffic congestion due to poor planning and development, by transforming a traditionally working-class area into a middle-class neighbourhood, also known as gentrification. By lack of affordable property, housing and land, potential corruption in government, Lack of jobs and balanced pay to workers, pollution, harder for employment, higher pressure on accidents and many more!
d) Melbourne might not be an ‘over populated’ city in comparison to other cities around the world, but it does have its own problems too. List 2, and explain why these problems exist. Two of the problems Melbourne has is one) an ageing population. This is because younger people will have to work more for pensioners which creates strain on tax money because they will need to pay more and the younger generation will not be happy about this. Two) Biodiversity, this is because over 50 animal and plants are currently threatened in Melbourne and only half of Melbourne’s councils have biodiversity conservation.

e) In Australia, there have been common occurrences where young people leave their rural country towns, and move to cities. As a result, many country towns have almost become ghost towns, as the younger population diminishes....


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