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You Can Forget Anyone but Do Not Forget These Six People

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You can forget anyone but do not forget these six people

There was a man with you, always a million times asked to wear more clothes, pay attention to safety, do you think it is annoying, but also feel very warm in the world. When no money, he would say that kind of thing is not easy to make money to training you, while lessons in Frontier money to you. This man, called parents.
There was a man with you when you fight occasionally, and you occasionally bicker world. He always bad sectors grab your dessert, always a snitch to the parents, but always love you more than anyone else, you have the closest, most intimate relationship. This man, called brothers and sisters.
There is a person in the world, do not meet the time would have been thinking about him, but blush when they meet, they said they do not export anything. He always easily grabbed your heart, so you can not forget, but also allows you cranky sleep well, but you still willingly, because you love them. He is your sweetest, sweetest load. This man, called lovers.
There is a world of people, like parents care about you, not as a reverse image of parents repeatedly told you; love you like a lover, like, not like lovers do and you stick tied together; generous to you like a friend than a friend for your mind is more delicate. The man, named confidante.
There is a man of the world, know you some unknown little secret, make mistakes, he'll help you find a reason; crush a man, he take a message; and lovers quarrel, you'll talk to crying him. You're sorry when you come to think of him always in trouble, but you're glad that there has been such a good life in a person. This man, called friends.
There was a man always grow in the protection of their parents in the world, positioning itself in hand, foot and relationships, to find true love in the care of a lover, to get warm in the care of friends. You know these people through your life, but also enrich your life. Thank...


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