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Research Paper

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In at least 75 words, describe the main points or ideas you learned this week. How did your interactions with classmates and/or your instructor build upon your learning?
  * This week I really just continued on all the research for my portfolio project.   In addition I also used my instructors and peers feedback along with research skills to attain information that is useful to my project that I am completing.   This week just gave me a better understanding of what it consists of to do a well-planned out and organized paper.   I found that using subjective probability is a huge part in our everyday life’s.   I also learned that like the constructive criticism that I get week to week as I’ve mentioned before.   It motivates me to do more research and get a more in depth knowledge of whatever the subject may be.  

In at least 75 words, from this week’s learning, describe which main point you found most important. Identify how it relates to your life, community, or career.
  * What I’ve learned throughout this week with defiantly help me in my career, I found the week subjective probability section to be most important and very interesting, it intrigued me and gave me so much vital information so now I can know how to deal with multiple types of situations. I never realized how much we actually do use subjective probability in our everyday life’s sometimes without even thinking about it or knowing that we are using it.


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