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Purpose of the Land Act

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How far do Sources 1, 2 and 3 suggest that the main purpose of the Land League in 1878 -81 was political revolution rather than economic reform?
The main aim of the Land and League was to change the government through political revolution. The league mainly consisted of nationalists, who also campaigned for economic reform and for peasants. These purposes are presented in sources 1, 2 and 3.
Sources 2 and 3 suggest that the main purpose of the Land League was political revolution, not economic reform. Source 2 which is an extract from a letter from Davitt to Devoy states that the League planned a ‘rising' against the landlords who had almost controlled the lives of the peasants through their land for many years. The fact that the landlords want the Land League crushed shows the fear the League struck in the hearts of the landlords in its determination for political revolution and this is further backed up because they told the government the stories to try to have this done. However, Davitt and Devoy were both part of the New Departure and were influential figures in Irish politics. Although Davitt might have exaggerated when stating the League rules the ‘country', he probably did this so that Devoy would carry on supporting the Land League.   Davitt would have been expected to speak highly of the League because he wanted Devoy to keep supporting it.
Source 3, which was published in Punch magazine also suggests that the Land League was aimed towards bringing about political revolution. This is shown by the violent and thuggish looking Fenian that depicts the Land League. The Fenian is depicted carrying bombs and bullets. The fact that he is standing behind Ireland is important because it suggests an underlying force going behind the rest of Ireland that is going to use violence and force to bring about political revolution. This is relevant because punch is an English magazine so could depict how the English government at the time saw the Land League. It is...


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