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Pad 510 Final Exam Solution All Possible Questions

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PAD 510 Final Exam Solution All Possible Questions

PAD 510 Final Exam Solution All Possible Questions

Question 1

The Streams Metaphor is associated with which scholar?
Question 2

“Pork barrel” spending is most closely associated with which policy type?
Question 3

The Advocacy Coalition Framework illustrates
Question 4

Log rolling by legislators often leads to _______ spending
Question 5

From 2008 to 2011, the federal budget deficit as a proportion of GDP
Question 6
Material inducements to join are most closely associated with which unofficial actors?
Question 7
The main critique of the “stages” model of the policy process is that it
Question 8
The systematic study of bureaucracy was first associated with
Question 9
The mutually reinforcing relationship between a congressional subcommittee, a federal agency, and regulated interest groups is known as the _____________model of policy relationships.
Question 10
The laws that made when judges and courts make decisions are called _____________
Question 11
Protective regulatory policy
Question 12
Political learning entails
Question 13
The news media
Question 14
An economic depression is characterized by
Question 15
If I were to say that focus of policy studies should be on the actions of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, what approach to policy studies would I be adopting?
Question 16
Which of these statements is true?
Question 17
Muckraking is a term applied to
Question 18
The allocation of television and radio frequencies and the awarding of cable television franchises are examples of which policy type?
Question 19
The phenomenon that involves members of a legislature agreeing to vote for each other’s spending bills is known as _____________
Question 20
Social Construction refers to
Question 21
Outputs from the systems model of politics and policy include...


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