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Watching Television

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Watching Television – Advantages and disadvantages
To discuss this topic, let’s start with the question ‘Why do people watch television?’ People do so mainly for two purposes: For entertainment and for gaining knowledge.Television channels provide people these two services very well. They telecast so many programmes which entertain adults and children similarly. They telecast many cartoons for the children to enjoy.For the adults, they provide a lot of programmes like teledramas and musical programmes.
Furthermore, Television channels provide educational progammes especially for children who are schooling.   They provide them according to subjects.Also , for adults, they telecast some programmes such as documentary programmes   like Discovery .What is useful is that they provide programmes to suit to any age or sex.
It’s also important to see what are the disadvantages of watching television.Unlike books and news papers, we need electricity to watch T.V. The other fact is that, when raining and thundering it’s very dangerous to watch T.V. The other disadvantages are that people and children waste time watching programmes which are not necessary for them.
We being human, need knowledge and entertainment to live. They are human needs. So, T.V plays an important role in catering many different tastes of people.
So, what is important is that People should watch television with an understanding. Also parents should monitor children watching TV programmes. They should be allowed to watch educational programmes and some selected entertainment programmes which are suitable for them. Children should be made aware of the fact that ‘time is precious.’


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