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Hrm 326 Final Exam Solutions

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HRM 326 Final Exam Solutions

HRM 326 Final Exam Solutions
Question 1. Business strategy influences how the company uses all of the following capitals EXCEPT:
Question 2. To use _________ to gain a competitive advantage requires linking the company’s human resources practices (such as training and development) to the business strategy.
Question 3. This provides employees with immediate access to information, advice, and guidance.
Question 4. Centralized training means that training and development programs, resources, and professionals are primarily housed in one location and decisions about training investment, programs, and delivery methods are made from inter-related departments.
Question 5. Research suggests that the company satisfaction with the outsourcing of training and development depends on company-supplier trust and the specificity of the contract.
Question 6. An organizational analysis involves determining the appropriateness of training, based on all the following parameters, EXCEPT:
Question 7. A mid-level manager questioning aspects such as who should be trained is involved with which variable of needs assessment?
Question 8. The following are all advantages associated with online technology (software) method of needs assessment EXCEPT:
Question 9. With respect to person analysis, a major pressure point for training is poor or substandard rewards system:
Question 10. Trainees need to understand what specifically they are expected to learn in the training program.
Question 11. Regardless of the training methods, all of the following are some of the conditions which must be present for learning to occur, EXCEPT:
Question 12. This includes specialized knowledge that employees need in their jobs.
Question 13. This relates to the learner’s decision regarding what information to attend, how to remember and how to solve programs
Question 14. Pedagogy gives the...


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