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Huck Finn
1. Do you think we have lost Southern pride? How is the “Southern Honor and Bravery” different today than in Huckleberry Finn?
a. “ Among African-Americans, 72 percent see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, while 25 percent of whites agree.” This is the result of   a CNN poll over phone in 2015.
b. Southern Honor and bravery are very different today than in the novel.
2. Why is there so much lying? Is it always wrong to lie?
a. One reason Huck lies so much is because he is simply an average little boy. Many little boys lie just to have fun and create adventures. But most of the time, his lying is useful. It is useful in running away from his father and helping set Jim free.
b. “’What did you say your name was, honey?’   ‘M—Mary Williams.’… ‘Honey, I thought you said it was Sarah when you first come in?’ ‘Oh, yes’m I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Sarah’s my first name. Some calls me Sarah, some calls me Mary.’”(69) Here Huck lies so he can see if he and Jim were noticed and recognized.
c. "It's a dead man. Yes, indeedy; naked, too. He's ben shot in de back. I reck'n he's ben dead two er three days. Come in, Huck, but doan' look at his face—it's too gashly."(60)
d. Here Jim is lying because he does not want Huck to know it was his father. He is doing this to protect Huck.
3. In what ways is the novel a satire of society?
a. Mark Twain uses Jim to mock slavery as a whole “"They hain't no right to shut him up! shove!—and don't you lose a minute. Turn him loose! He ain't no slave; he's as free as any cretur that walks this earth!"(303)
b. He also uses the Shepardsons and Grangerfords as a satire mocking family feuds such as the Hatfields and McCoys.
c. "Well," says Buck, "a feud is this way: A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man's brother kills him; then the other brothers, on both sides, goes for one another; then the cousins chip in—and by and by everybody's killed off, and there ain't no more feud. But...


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