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A Surprisingly Fun Game

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Among the thousands of Native American tribes, there were a lot of games being played similar to what we now call Lacrosse before the civilization of North America. According to many, the first Europeans to see this game being played were French explorers. These French explorers thought the stick resembled a bishop’s crosier. A Bishop’s crosier translates to Lacrosse in French and this is where the name of the game originated.  

In 1856, the first step towards turning Lacrosse into a modern organized sport came when the Montreal Lacrosse club developed the first written rules for the game. George Beers wrote these rules. His rules called for a 12-player team and named each position: goal, point, cover point, first defense, second defense, third defense, center, third attack, second attack, first attack, out home and home. Beer also changed the design of the ball and the sticks, to better suit catching the ball and throwing it more accurately.

Beer was later named the father of lacrosse. The Canada’s National Lacrosse Association

Was established in 1867 and the sport became quite popular in Bristol, London and also in the United States.

After lacrosse died out in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century, the U.S amateur lacrosse Association was founded in 1879. After the big bang of success in the ALA many of colleges started playing lacrosse to improve their player skills in the game of field hockey,

Many of years passed by until 1971 when the NCAA began conducting it’s annual championship lacrosse tournament. Since 1934, the U.S Lacrosse association has been conducting the U.S open tournament.

Lacrosse is a contact game played by ten players on each team: one goalie, three defense man, three midfielders and three attack man. Each team must keep at least four players including the goalie on the defensive half of the field, and three players on the offensive side of the field. There are three other...


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