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Another benefit of playing video games is that it encourages interaction and builds empathy. According to psychologist Dr. Kourush Dini, empathy can be taught through video games. In multiplayer video games, we interact with other people. It makes us think either to play against that person or play as a teammate with him. Through this process, we have to figure out what the other person is going to do next. (10 benefits of playing video games)
In this article, games can use to teach children in school. One research shows some surprising result. Children to play after a short amount of time with, for instance, mathematics games are able to understand the mathematical concept. Educators say that the children are having fun, and they don’t even know that they are learning, and the most important part is that they are learning. (Interest in Gaming Grows with Focus on competitiveness Engagement and Critical Thinking)
David Perry stated that he thought of games as fun and books are for education, but his opinion has changed when he saw a video of little girls about 6 years of age who were playing video games. What he observed was that the little girl was able to explain the strength and weaknesses about a medieval weapon called trebuchet since she used it while playing the game. Since playing this game required reading in order to play and win, the girl was encouraged to read. He thought that at this young age the little girl wouldn’t even care reading about reading a historical weapon from the books. He concluded that even while playing video games can be also beneficial. In addition, students can also learn about history through playing games. For instance, in the games such as Call of Duty and World War II where video gamers can virtually be in the war zone and read about the war at the same time. Moreover, video games also taught video gamers to multitask, think critically, and pay attention. Since playing video games requires gamers to think strategy and...


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