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Gender Representations in Video Games

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Literature Review:
Gender Representations in Video Games

Table of Contents
Gender Representations in Video Games 4
Men 4
Women 5
Impact of Gender Representations in Video Games 6
Men 6
Women 6
Relationships and Interactions between Men and Women 7
Current Limitations and Topics for Future Review 8
Conclusion 9
References 10

Many individuals believe that the terms sex and gender have the same meaning and thus are often used interchangeably.   In actuality, these words have very different meanings.   Sex describes the biological traits that make an individual male or female.   Contrarily, gender expresses an individual’s psychological traits that are construed as masculine, feminine, or androgynous.   Beliefs, opinions, morals, personality, sexual orientation, and gender identity all comprise an individual’s gender (Ivy & Backlund, 2004).
Unlike a person’s sex, gender is not inherent, but rather is socially and culturally composed.   Maleness and femaleness is taught to all people from a very early age through numerous avenues.   The behavioral expectations parents place on children, interactions with peers, and societal influences are the major sources which shape an individual’s gender identity.   The family is the primary driving force in gender identity development.   Through one’s family, a sense of self is cultivated, language is developed, and standards of communication are established.   When peers enter into this equation, gender identity becomes further developed as sexes flock together, teaching and learning from one another how to behave according to gender.   Through play, games, and schooling individuals form a secondary view of what it is to be masculine or feminine.   Aside from family and peer interactions, outside society, particularly various forms of media, may have the strongest influence on gender identity.   Messages of how an individual should act according to their sex are incessantly broadcasted through television,...


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