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Video Game Should Be Banned

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ok, 5 reasons they should be banned for school essay (keep in mind that imo this is a ridiculous stance to take) -

1.) Studies have shown that kids with an already aggressive behavior that are prone to violence get ideas on how to act out in different violent ways. Leave out the part about these kids already being violent.

2.) Studies have shown that violent video games, even kid's games like jumping on goomba heads - causes an increase in aggression for a short time after playing. Leave out the part that this happens with any type of media.

3.) Parents won't have to "parent" anymore, those pesky ratings systems are far too complicated for the average 30+ yr. old grade school graduate. Don't mention violence in all it's other forms all over the world.

4.) They should be banned so we can live in a society of love and peace, We can all wear sundresses, petrulli oil, and dreadlocks.

5.) In the case of online gaming, they should be banned because they cause us to group together to KILL massive enemies. To work together with people we've never met before, bypassing any prejudging about race, creed, gender....... This goes against everything my parents ever taught me. Girls can't fight, American's fingers are too fat for keyboards, and well.. you get the idea... this is a break down in society. i for one WILL NOT have it. How are my kids going to protect our invisible borders when they're friends with someone on the other side?!? Are we just going to ignore millions of years of evolution... killing each other over pieces of the ground, planting our flags.. and killing anyone who steps on our land. I mean this is how the world works.


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