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Do Video Games Make People Violent?

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Do Video Games Make People Violent?
You have a five kill streak and you're on your way for a sixth. You pull out a pulse rifle, turn the corner, and... you just got sniped at 200 yards. Sound familiar? It should. The fact is, about 97% of American teens play video games, and about half of those play every day (Lenhart, Kahne, Middaugh, Macgill, and Evans 1). The question scientists around the world are asking is; are these video games making these young people violent?
“The Effect of Video Games on the Brain” by Eleni Kardaras tells of the immediate and possible long term effects of playing violent video games. She explains that video games of a violent nature have not been proved to cause violent behavior, but studies have shown how such video games can cause emotional outbursts, aggressive behavior, and decreased inhibitions. She suggests that through these studies and some of her own observations, it can be easily deduced that violent video games can cause some behavior changes.
She then describes a study that shows that people who spend more time playing video games are less able to interact with people, get angry easier, and have difficulty concentrating. The study also deduced that video games reduce activity in the prefrontal lobe, and that they alter moods, causing the player to feel what the character might feel, strong emotions like fear. She proceeds to ask the question, “Does repeated exposure to this "false" sense of danger have an effect on what the brain then perceives as real danger?” and speculates on the possibilities. Although she states some very strong points, Kardaras focuses too much on the unsure and inconclusive statistics that state that video games have long lasting effects on the subconcious.
Kardaras points on the immediate effects of violent video games are very logical, as I have seen the effects on myself as well as in other gamers. I usually become more disagreeable and less able to concentrate. I argue with my brother more...


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