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Classroom Game

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The Classroom game

Submitted to Mr. Heffernan
February 26, 2009

Plot summary of the game: Player is a high school student, and he needs to get into the university. However his marks do not qualify. Gladly he has a nerdy friend who can help him get good marks. How? By cheating. Every time the boys have a test, the player has to cheat off his nerdy friend. But teacher is not sleeping, so he has to watch out and not get caught. Closer to the end of the year, tests get harder and teacher becomes more nervous thus walking faster and turning around more frequently. Can player manage to get into university?

Main menu: the game begins with a main menu being opened. It has 3 clickable buttons “Play”, “Instructions”, and “Credits”. Clicking on “Play” will begin the game, “Instructions” will lead to explanation of how to play and brief summary of the game, and “Credits” would have our group members’ names.

Game Setup: When the game is played, it will display 12 desks – 3 rows and 5 columns.
In each desk 2 students will be placed. The colour of the desk will be brown and the colour of regular students will be green. The nerd will be in a different colour from the other students, in order for the player to recognize. The most aspect of the game is the teacher; the teacher will be at the front of the class when the game is played. But as the game level increases, she will move around in unpredictable patterns that would cause the players to lose. The colour of the teacher will be red. The movement of the characters won’t be too slow or too fast. But it won’t be faster than the teacher’s rotation of views, so it is very important to predict what the teacher will do next in order for the player to not get caught.

Game play: Person’s character is located in a classroom, along with inactive stationary classmates, stationary geek who player has to copy from and the teacher with an eyesight that constantly moves around. The objective of the game is to walk over...


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