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Hcs 325 Week 5 Learning Team Organizational Structure Presentation

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•     You are a manager of a large rehabilitation center that provides short-term care rehabilitation (in-patient and outpatient) services. Your center is proposing a new addition of long-term care services and with this expansion, you will need to hire and train several new employees.
•     Develop a PowerPoint presentation between 12+ slides in length with detailed presenter’s notes. The presentation will address the following:
o     The impact of organizational structure on communication (internal/external factors)
•     What internal factors need to be considered?
•     What external factors need to be considered?
•     What is the importance of communication on the organizational structure?
o     The steps involved in organizational planning and functions of management
•     What steps are used to properly plan and implement change within the organization?
•     How can these be applied to the scenario?
o     Strategies and/or methods needed to influence organizational change and minimize conflict.
•     What are strategies that can be used to bring about change in the organization?
•     How can strategies be used to prevent or minimize conflict?
•     What strategies can be applied if conflict does arise?
o     The Ethical issues considered important in today’s health care organization
•     How will ethical issues alter your way of conducting change in the organization?
o     The impact of financial and human resource management.
•     How will financial and HR issues affect your decision making process?
o     The Analysis of the administrative process needed to track outcomes and improve quality.
•     What methods will be used to track outcomes of the implemented change?
•     What processes will be put into place to further change the decision once the...


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