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Chapter Three:

Maya had kinky hair, dark skin and her body was large for her age. Whenever someone commented on Maya's features and ugliness, her brother Baily would take revenge by insulting that person. Baily was a small, handsome and gorgeous boy. He was skilled at stealing candy and Maya considered her brother the greatest person in her world.

In stamps, food was preserved. It was stored in smoke houses near the store and children were eating this food most of the year, but twice a year they were allowed to eat fresh food so, they were sent to the white part of Stemps to get some meat. Visiting where the white people lived, looked like going to a fairytale land because of the segregation. Most black children didn't know what white people looked like and Maya did not believe that these people are real.

Chapter Four:

Momma was a good-looking woman. She had a strong personality and used to be strict with her grandchildren. Children had to be super clean although water was too cold and they couldn't address adults by the first name. But, these rules were for black people only, whitefolks used to call Momma and Uncle Willie "Annie" and "Willie".

Maya explained the worst experience she ever had with "poor white trash" as Maya liked to call   white people. One day, when she was cleaning the yard, a group of white girls came to their store and Momma asked Maya to go inside, but instead she was hiding behind the screen door watching the girls who were laughing and making fun of Momma and one of the girls did a headstand and had no underpants. Momma sang a religious song until the girls left the store. She found Maya behind the door crying and told her to wash her face.


I can't imagine this happened in America. The land of freedom where people sufferred segregation and prejudice, where "Negros" could not buy any white item or vote. Their houses were in different parts of town and they used go to different schools, colleges, stores and...


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