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Hhs 497 Week 5 Final Paper

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HHS 497 Week 5 Final Paper

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Focus of the Final Paper
The Final Paper should demonstrate an application of your knowledge of Health and Human Services, by synthesizing the information from the readings, class work, and work and life experiences. Please discuss cultural competency in Health and Human Services work and how it can be achieved in the treatment of diverse groups or populations. You may also include information and examples from previous experience, as well as implications for future application In Week Three, you created a draft for either
“Option A-Career/Occupational area to explore” or
“Option B- Specific Need area”. Use the draft that you prepared as a starting point for your Final Paper.
Research your topic to include all components of your selected area.
The components of a research paper for “Option A -Career/Occupational area to explore” are:
I. Cover Page
II. Abstract
III. Table of Contents
IV. Introduction to your paper and thesis statement with specific objectives stated – i.e. – what you intend to explore
V. Eight- to- ten pages (excluding title and reference pages), supported with reference articles, with the following subheadings to explore your main idea of a career/ occupational area:
A. Career or occupational area
B. Careers (See Chapter 6 of the text)
C. Basic functions of the career
D. Education/ training requirements
E. Typical work settings
F. Culturally competent work with diverse populations
G. Career development
H. Future alternatives (Create an alternative career path, or option, related to the one that you selected that would meet a specific or future need. This should demonstrate the ability to apply and synthesize previous experience, accumulated insights and knowledge obtained during your program of study.)
VI. Conclusion narrative
VII. References
Example of Option A -...


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