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Life in the City

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Life in a city is ever busy, ever luxury & ever everything except discomfort. Of course in some cases due to the office pressure, people face discomfort that too rarely. Everyday morning, people rush out of their houses to attend their responsibilities with respect to their jobs   and lo! the roads are ready with so many wonderful cars which show their owner's wealth and poor traffic police officer who is unable to control the traffic for a minute or two too.now the calm night road has turned to horribly noisy morning road. All the beep sounds, aHonk sounds and the dust makes   it hard for a human to control his temper. Though as other humans do, he/she als has to or else everyone would feel bad about his behaviour.   Then the noon time follows.this is the time when restaurants and hotels earn profits. They are ready with the special meals and the customers with their hunger. the hundreds of tourists come to see the are whereas half of them com to eat the special dishes of that area. Isn't it a great profit to family restaurants?
As you know, the evening follows the noon time.the schools, offices and other work areas such as factories and industries begin to close. Again the same situation of the morning scene. Everyone wants to   rush to their home and have rest. In that case, many accidents occur and they are rested permanently for 6 months or more.
Then begins the most beautiful life, The night life. Many people stick to their electrical appliances such as radios and televisions.they watch their favourite programmes and television shows and some go to watch second show movies. Late at night sleep some people, early sleepers are some and some are restless. Most of the restless people are Mothers who satisfy their family's needs. In the early sleepers' house begins the criminal activity; theft. For most of them follows misfortune, they do not care about that.
However lifie n a city is a boon.


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