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Superfine Powder Vibratory Screening Machine

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DHC superfine powder vibratory screening machine screening system is a simple, practical and reliable screening system, is the most effective solution mesh clogging. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, mineral and food requirements fine screening filter industry, screening filter high precision, effectively address the reunion, electrostatic, adsorption of jam mesh and other screening problems Sand Making Machine, is the screen a major technological breakthrough by industry.
ultrasonic vibrating screen power: 38KHz ultrasonic frequency power supply. Built-in microcomputer chip, can be material depending on the state of the whole digital frequency automatic tracking, without manual adjustment, easy to operate. Long working mode pinene is low heat, stable working conditions.
1, HF connection cables: ultrasonic transducer between the ultrasonic vibrating screen and use the power cable.
2, Connector: air connector plug-ins.
3, transducers: high performance ultrasound transducer devices.
4, ultrasonic Grid: grid from outside the resonator components.
5, the screen: for 10 mesh to 635 mesh.
DHC superfine powder vibratory screening machine features the desired precision, high-mesh sieve, while overcoming a narrow particle size range, Single- and multi-application, full screen self-cleaning effect: greater than 500 mesh sieve No mesh screening efficiency infarction without attenuation, the real deal with strong absorption, easy party, features high static, high density, high density, specific gravity and other light screening setbacks Sand Making Machine, the food security of the same material, screening accuracy can be improved 70%, the yield can be raised by 0.5 to 10 times.
DHC superfine powder vibratory screening machine transducers FAQ is a piezoelectric transducer which is formed by the gland, piezoelectric ceramic pads, radiation head, prestressed screw and an insulating sleeve, so screen machines from the former mechanical...


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