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The History of the Internet

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When one thinks of the internet, one may think of America Online,

Yahoo!, or of Sandra Bullock being caught up in an espionage

conspiracy.   For me, it is a means of communication.   A way to talk to

some of my friends who live off in distant places such as Los Angeles,

New Jersey, and the Philippines.   The U.S. Defense Department originally

had this intent in mind when they connected a computer network with

various other radio and satellite networks.[1 Krol]   They wanted a means

of communicating within the U.S. military that could withstand partial

outages, such a bomb attacks, and still function.[2 Krol]

In this paper I will cover the internet’s experimental beginnings, the

commercialization of this technology in the present, and what the

project that is taking place that will probably be the future of the


Before I begin talking about the internet, allow me to define what is

the internet, who governs it, and what is the financial impact of this

technology.   The internet is made up of all computer networks that use

IP protocol, which operate to form a seamless network for their

collective users.[3 Krol]   This means that federal, commercial, and

institutional networks all compose parts of the internet.   This network

is connected to each other by either telephone wires, cable lines, or

satellite signals.   These wires, lines, or signals are then pipelined

from server computer to server computer until your host server transmits

the electronic information into your computer.   The governing body of

the internet is the Internet Society (ISOC).[4 Krol]   The Internet

Society purpose, according to Ed Krol, is to “promote global information

exchange through Internet technology”.   Another governing body is the

Internet Architecture...


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