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Obsession with Possessions: a Dada Approach

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Man-made objects produced for acquisition depend on the ability to carry an image of style. The consumer is persuaded that ownership will enable them to inherit this style transforming their lives into perfect, happy reflections of the people featured in advertisements.   These objects can be applied to any aspect of life as a fast answer to the question of style. The media promotes and reflects the current mainstream culture's standards for life style, class and importance of appearance. The media uses images of thin, beautiful women in well kept stylish homes and links these images to other symbols of prestige, happiness, love and success for women. Repeated exposure to this ideal via the various media can lead to the internalisation of this ideal. It also renders these images achievable and real.

By targeting advertisements at set demographic groups, the choice of how to split responsibility for domestic chores is taken away. Instead we are presented with a list of acceptable social rules that are different for each gender. An example would be Fairy washing up liquid, in the advertisements we always see a mother doing dishes, with her child somewhere near by. This is communicating a message that washing up is a women’s work and worse still a feminine thing to do, as if to say a man who washes up risks losing part of his masculinity. When considered it seems ridiculous that we would let the media keep such sexist themes alive but the sad fact is that the majority are so conditioned to this train of thought, in order to preserve our gender identities, we must conform. Objects therefore not only posses the power to add style to our lives but to delegate our ‘lots’ in life. And that will in turn certify our masculine or feminine personalities.

The result of this media hierarchy is that many women approach life with anxiety. “There's so little time left to get our bodies in shape for summer! Bathing suits, shorts...


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