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World War One

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The Great war of 1914-1918 was caused by many reasons, some which even begun a century before the war in 1914 begun…

Germany was a new nation as it was only formed in 1871; Kaiser Wilhem II craved more land and was jealous of Great Britain power, its large empire and the fact that Britain owned a quarter of the worlds land.

In 1871, the Prussians beat France in the Franco-Prussian War. As a result, France lost Alsace-Lorraine and was seeking revenge against Germany. Although Germany was aware of this, they still continued the Schlieffen plan to strategic plan for victory both on the Western Front against France and against Russia in the east, taking advantage of expected differences in the three countries\' speed in preparing for war.

The First Moroccan Crisis was caused by France trying to take control of Morocco in 1905. Germany protested towards France’s actions but lost the argument as France, Britain and Russia stuck together.

Six years later in 1911, the Second Moroccan Crisis, also known as the Agadir Crisis occurred. Hence, Morocco and France developed a relationship of protection and some control by superior power over Morocco.

The Balkan wars were a series of wars during the years of 1912-1913 involving the Balkan states and Turkey. As a Result, Serbia became the leading Balkan State. Serbia became a potential enemy on Austria’s Border.

The Balkans were an unstable group of countries because there wasn’t one country that ruled, often they were fighting for the power. The Balkans included Austria-Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Bonsia-Herzegovia(before Austria-Hungary took control) and Montenegro.

Alliances were a major cause of world war one. The earliest alliance made was between Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1879. Later, Germany and Austria-Hungary made the Triple alliance with Italy in 1882. Russia, France and Britain completed a Triple Entente...


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