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Deciding How to Decide Gender Selection

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My mom named me Dina Rose after a country western song. She said that she wanted a girl so badly that if I was a boy, she would have named me Dana Ross. Can you imagine? How many kids out there grow up knowing that their parents were hoping they would be an opposite sex? Many children have suffered psychological trauma perceiving that they were not the sex that both parents wanted. Some will feel like they disappointed their parents just by not being the “right” gender. Parents can   communicate this various ways to the child and not even know that they are doing it! Some kids will then grow up feeling he or she has” failed”. Some studies have shown that some of these kids who felt this way are withdrawn, antisocial behavior or even gender confusion! ( 1)

When is a right for a parent to look into choosing the gender of their baby before it is conceived? Greg Boustead , author of “Deciding How to Decide” from the magazine SEED, said that that common sense isn’t always the answer, but that learning how the brain processes is more important.   Jonah Lehret also agreed and said something very similar : “rational thought isn’t always the answer; and that understanding how our brain processes information can improve the thousands of choices, big and small, we make every day.”

How do we make our decisions? Generally emotional decisions are made quickly and not thought out and researched. Although,   Pilot Captain Sullenberger who just recently landed a US Airways flight in the Hudson, made a rational, thought-out decision in just seconds! I think we can all agree that Frankenstein made an emotional decision with his creation. I think that is the key to making rational decisions is thinking   about it more, weighing the pros and cons, researching and asking others for advice. Though at times under pressure, we will need to make sound judgments very quickly. The more practice you can put into it, the better you will be in emergency situations. Jonah Lehrer,...


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