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You Decide

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YOU DECIDE by Iviana Sanchez
  If it came down to reading about someone fighting for their life or someone losing a piece of jewelry, it wouldn’t be too difficult to decide which one would be more intriguing to read. In my opinion I would much rather read “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell than “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. I believe the conflict, rising action, and foreshadowing in “The Most Dangerous Game” was superior to those of “The Necklace”.
  The conflict in “The Most Dangerous Game” held my attention easily. The main conflict in this story is person vs. person as Rainsford was hunted by General Zarroff. I thought it was exciting and it kept me engrossed throughout the whole story. This short story kept me wondering what would happen next. Meanwhile the conflict in “The Necklace” was uninteresting to me. One conflict of this story might be person vs. self because Mme Loisel allows vanity, selfish pride, and envy to cause her downfall. She makes one poor decision after another all in an attempt to appear to be something she is not.
  The rising action in Richard Connell’s story was far better than that of Guy de Maupassant’s because it was shown throughout the whole story while the rising action in “The Necklace” was dormant and the climax wasn’t until the story was almost over. So until the climax was presented I was bored reading the story. “The Most Dangerous Game” was full of action all the way through the story.
  Foreshadowing is used to prepare the reader for events that will happen later in the plot. The foreshadowing in “The Most Dangerous Game” is when Whitney continued to talk about how dangerous and scary Ship Trap Island was and when they stated that they were the hunters not the huntees. There really wasn’t any foreshadowing in “The Necklace”. I think if there was it might have given the story away.
  Obviously now you can tell I prefer “The Most Dangerous Game” over “The Necklace” because it had better conflict, rising...


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