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The Godhead

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On May 20, 325 AD the world was forever changed. Emperor Constantine called a meeting of the 318 Bishops at Nicea and on that day they instituted one of the greatest flaws of   American religion today.   This is the doctrine of the Trinity, suggesting the view of the Oneness doctrine, believing on one God and His name being Jesus, is no longer correct.   The Trinity doctrine cannot be proven by simply reading the scriptures; it has to be described and explained in detail, before you can begin to see the Trinitarian view.   The Trinity doctrine is   a doctrine of inference, not a doctrine of fact.   If you ever listen or take part in a Oneness verses Trinity debate you will find that as long as they are quoting scriptures the Trinity looses ground.   Hence, the doctrine of the Trinity must be “injected” into the scriptures to prove itself.   One man once said “The Trinity has to be piped into Scripture before it can be piped out.”

The best example is:   everyone knows you can’t get milk from cotton.   But, if you take the cotton and soak it in milk first then you can squeeze the milk from the cotton.   In the same sense the Trinity doctrine is like this.   Before you can begin to see the Trinity doctrine, someone has to tell you about it and then go to scripture to prove it as fact.   By just reading the scriptures first, no one will ever find the Trinity represented, for the scriptures prove the Oneness of Jesus Christ all through the Bible.

I do not understand how the doctrine of the Trinity can get around the unity of the Old Testament and New Testament stating the One God facts.   Deuteronomy 6:4(NKJV) states: “Here, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord:”.   That sums up the doctrine of the Oneness. But, one instance will not satisfy.   Here are just a few of the misconceptions of the Trinity Doctrine that cause it to be in fault:

First:   “Elohim”

“Elohim”, meaning \"God\", is sometimes confused to show the plurality of the Godhead, this is not...


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